LACE logo

LACE - the brain automatically creates visions of silky, purple-colored fabric, sleezy thoughts. I don't know why, but I sure tried to avoid that image. The spider is the animal, but it wasn't my idea, it was actually an idea of my boss, heavily opposed by me and the actual project leader, but we ended up having it in there, anyway. Its pseudo-3D look took me about 2 hours on its own. What I like the most, is the spider web, which is a combination of a line-web with a conical, color-blended background, which gives a similar effect as in the FACTS logo's tree/continent combination: parts of it don't have a fill at all and let the background shine through. The color blend itself is supposed to symbolize the atmosphere: green on the ground, blue in the stratosphere, purple in the mesosphere, or something....

The project itself is a balloon mission, where one of our self-made chromatographs is deployed to high altitude. The logo shows a stylized balloon with the actual gondola, which points to our instrument, which points to its main component: the stream selection valve, which is the spider (the valve's tubing connections = the spider's legs). The logo also shows the Theseus, a remotely controlled aircraft, which is supposed to carry that instrument eventually, and a very high flying peace dove.

Here's some more info on the mission: LACE - the project and also at NASA.

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Jürgen M Lobert / 31-October-96