STRAT logo

STRAT is basically a sequel to ACATS. It should have been a dedicated STRAT logo, but the project leader wanted the ACATS theme back and I ended up creating a hybrid that's very similar to the ACATS logo, except that the earth now shows the North American continent (the mission operated out of NASA Ames, CA and Hawaii), I gave it a lighter/friendlier background and put a chromatogram into it, showing some of the most important, measured compounds. This is one of the fastest logos I ever made. I was preparing for my own mission and didn't have any time to spare to create something elaborate.

Although we had T-shirts made with some of the earlier logos, STRAT was the first one to be made in silk screen with vivid colors that don't fade as quickly.

Here's some more info on the mission: STRAT - the project.

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Jürgen M Lobert / 31-October-96