Well, well, AIR is certainly my favorite one. Even though it was hard to grasp the concept of an invisible element for the early stone-age scientist, it certainly is the source of advanced life on this planet. And probably the element with the most profound impact on my life !

Where shall I start? I'll make it short. Atmospheric Sciences is my field of professional expertise. We (humanity, that is) are well on our way to jeopardize this invaluable resource (amongst others). There is lots to do and to find out; if you ever considered it, I can only recommend to study atmospheric / environmental sciences. Not only is it one of the most fascinating fields, it's also very rewarding to be part of it. I'd never trade my job for anything else, even though I'm not gonna become exactly rich here. Oh well, you can't have everything. Anyway, if you're interested in this, here are some useful links, starting with the pages of my last three science employers (before I ventured into the business world).

Now, let's cut this science crap and admit that AIR is actually all about me wanting to go

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Jürgen M Lobert / 14-Oct-2004