Here's my somewhat skewed perspective on how the natural sciences are linked together...

I always figured that LIFE is basically another term for BIOLOGY, I guess this closely enough resembles any official definition that might exist for that.

BIOLOGY, on the other hand, is nothing else but applied CHEMISTRY, because all those living tissues are assembled and maintained by chemical reactions.

Going further, CHEMISTRY then is nothing else but applied PHYSICS, as chemical reactions can all be explained with the laws of physics and the physical interactions of atoms, molecules and other particles (most of them, anyway).

But even PHYSICS isn't the end of it. PHYSICS is written down in equations, hence, needs to be viewed as being applied MATHEMATICS, right? I vividly remember all those integrals, functions and differentials that took me ages to write down.

To be honest, I never quite understood MATHEMATICS, really, I always had a hard time with random definitions, pages of garbled code, lots of exceptions and the likes that makes a student's life (=biology=chemistry=physics=mathematics) so hard. I was always convinced that some evil person once sat down, started contemplating and invented mathematics just to bother others. However, I can't help but admit that some of the math does actually make sense and is somewhat internally consistent. Hence, I came to the conclusion that MATHEMATICS, fundamentally, is just applied PHILOSOPHY.

Spanning these thoughts, the bottom line, finally, is that LIFE is applied PHILOSOPHY. Philosophy is born out of minds, so: make up your own and go with it!


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Jürgen M Lobert / 30-August-96