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Fire, Water, Earth & Air. Why the four early elements? As a chemist, I should know better. Well, of course, I do. The modern periodic system of elements has some 120 entries in it, but that's going way over the head of ancient scientists. They didn't know any better and, quite frankly, four elements was all they needed to explain their simple life. I know, because I am one of the authors of the favorite play Die Evolution des Chemikers, (The Evolution of the Chemist), one of my more significant contributions to public entertainment. Well, the play didn't quite make it to Broadway, but it was very popular amongst freshman at the University, where I studied chemistry.

I guess the main point is that, in my own complex world of modern science, I find the simple concept of four elements somewhat intriguing, probably more for its romantic and mystic aspect than anything else. That doesn't mean that I'm into Astrology, where the same concept is used to fool impressionable people into voodoo, but I have always been fascinated by the history of magicians and alchemists.

Enjoy your visit, go back to my homepage and browse the elements. I got plenty of graphics on here, just follow the element that you like the most. Maybe your choice tells you something about yourself....

Here are two items that I couldn't fit anywhere else in the new page layout, but I'd like to keep them, anyway. A bit about myself. Sort of.

  • Some deep thoughts on science
  • A Poem. Dedicated to the scientist in me and written by a lovely young lady who obviously was too bored to just maintain instruments during our BLAST I cruise in 1994.

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