Old Man Lobert and the Sea

I have a tale to tell to thee
Of old man Lobert and the sea.

Some men are brave and strong and tough:
They search the sea for dangerous stuff.

Like pirate ships, like killer whales,
Like seamonsters and treasure trails.

But other men act more like fools:
They search the sea for molecules!

Some men rely on strength and wit,
Their instincts sharp, their minds are fit.

But old man Lobert, he relies
On fancy machines to be his eyes.

Yes, he relies on all these toys
That cost so much and make such noise.

Machines that slave away for free,
While Jürgen earns a salary!

Old man Lobert, I ask you now:
Please tell us just exactly how
You find the courage to face your duel
With the methyl bromide molecule?

These tiny atoms you cannot see,
They will not make a man of thee!

Thus, I propose a radical notion:
The next time that you sail the ocean,
Find bigger prey, don’t be a whimp,
The next time out, try hunting shrimp!!

Laurie S. Geller, February 1994.

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Jürgen M Lobert / 24-March-97