The most essential element for survival. Cool and soothing. Also the most dangerous liquid ever: millions of people died from it (by drowning, stupid!).
70° South, 120° West: The Antarctic Ocean

Here's a killer shot from the Antarctic Ocean, water in its three stages of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous. Well, you can't quite see the water vapor, but it's there, trust me! I actually named this photo Fire & Ice, for its beautiful composite of sunlight and ice. I took the picture during my last ocean cruise in early 1996 from McMurdo to Punta Arenas.

Which brings me to the main purpose of this page: why water, or the ocean in particular, is important to me. I worked at NOAA/CMDL for 5 years and, during that time, went out to sea for a total of 26 weeks on four scientific ocean cruises. In a way, I learned to love the ocean, although I must admit that I'd rather experience it from a non-moving platform. Check out the ocean website of the Nitrous Oxide And Halocompounds group, I made it, it's cool and it shows what we achieved.

I could also mention that I am certified for scubadiving, but I can't really be proud of it, because I have done it only a few times. Hopefully, this will change owing to my new job, which will take me to the Maldives quite frequently. Anyway, scubadiving is another one of those occasions, where you should get out of the vehicle to experience the element....

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Jürgen M Lobert / 12-Aug-01