There are two data archives for this project. The main data archive is maintained at the University of Virginia and hosted by the SAFARI project office. This archive will contain final data sets for long-term storage and can be accessed here: SAFARI Data and Information System (DIS)

The archive hosted on this website here is for the SIO/UVA/MPI project only and will supply an interim upload and download facility for collaborations during the NSF-funded project in Germany initiated by Paul Crutzen, Jürgen Lobert and Bill Keene.

FTP Archive

To access the ftp upload and download archive at, please contact Jürgen to request a username and password. For security purposes, all ftp access attempts will be logged along with their IP addresses. Please do not give out the username and password that you receive to anyone else. Instead, refer interested persons to Jürgen or this web page here.

All uploaded files will be moved out of the ftp site and stored on the web server. You will be able to access them here, see next link.

Data policies

The SAFARI data policy can be viewed here: PDF file - 20kb

The data policy of this project can be viewed here: data.policy.html

NOTE: By downloading or using any of our data sets, all users implicitly agree to abide by both data policies mentioned above, whichever is more restrictive.

Data download

When you are ready to download some data, please go here to access the listing of available files.

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