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John, Jürgen, Paul & Bill
the gang
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Bill Keene
the stuffer
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Christof Jost, Bill Keene, Paul Crutzen and the back of Mark Lawrence
the experts
70.4 kb
the collector
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John Maben
the burner
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Smoke over MPI
the smoke
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John Maben
the holy John
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Thomas Klüpfel & Detlev Sprung
the freezer
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Paul Crutzen
the pyromaniac
"Who, me?"
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Olga Mayol-Bracero
the serious
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Olga & Betina Kleist
the discussion
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Dieter Scharffe
the fiddler
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Christof Jost
the smiler
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Rupert Holzinger
the looker
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Jonathan Williams
the man
(what's he doing??)
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Pesky requests....
the sign
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Jos Lelieveld, Stuart Penkett, Rupert Holzinger, Jonathan Williams, Paul Crutzen, Mrs. Penkett
the party
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Photos by Jürgen Lobert, Bill Keene, Jonathan Williams
Workshop participants, November 2001
Participants of the data workshop in Virginia (left to right): Christelle Hely, Jürgen Lobert, John Maben, Christof Jost, Bill Keene, Stefania Korontzi, Tobias Landmann, Paul Crutzen, Rupert Holzinger.
Photo by Wendy Mills. Scan by Jost Productions Ltd.
AGU Fall Meeting, December, 2001: Posters by Bill Keene (with Jürgen), Stefania Korontzi and Christelle Hely.
To view a copy of the presentations, see the publications page.
Bill's poster at the AGU Fall Meeting 2001 Stef's poster at the AGU Fall Meeting 2001 Christelle's poster at the AGU Fall Meeting 2001
Photos by JML or his camera.

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