SAFARI 2000 - Data Workshop in Virginia
02 to 05 November 2001

Paul Crutzen, Jürgen Lobert, John Maben, and I have scheduled a workshop for our component of SAFARI 2000 on 3 through 5 November (Saturday morning through Monday afternoon) at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville, Virginia. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts will preclude our participation in the upcoming SAFARI workshop in Africa. We will post a detailed draft agenda for your review and comment closer to the meeting date. Our preliminary plan is to spend the first day focusing on issues specific to the burning experiments conducted last November through January at the Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry (MPI) in Mainz. Collaborators directly involved in the experimental burns are welcome to participate in this session. On 4 and 5 November, we plan to address broader-scale issues involving the integration of our results with the larger SAFARI program. We invite other SAFARI collaborators at UVA (including out-of-town visitors) and the University of Maryland (UMD) to join the meeting during these latter 2 days.

To facilitate an efficient and productive workshop, it is essential that we start analyzing results before we meet. Towards this end, my group will begin posting our preliminary data within the next few weeks and we plan to have all preliminary data posted well in advance of the workshop; we request that others do the same. In addition, a special session for SAFARI 2000 has been scheduled as part of the Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco. Abstracts are due in September so it would be helpful to distribute preliminary data to other participants before the deadline.

Please contact Jürgen Lobert or me if you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations regarding the structure of the workshop. Please note, however, that this is the only window within a reasonable timeframe that will accommodate Paul, Jürgen, John and me so we are locked into these dates. We recognize that there will be scheduling conflicts and financial constraints that preclude everyone’s participation. However, we hope that at least one representative from each major group will be able to attend.

In terms of logistics, most visitors to Charlottesville arrive via one of two routes: 1) Fly into Washington Dullas Airport (IAD) and connect with a short flight to Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (about 6 miles from the University) or 2) Fly into Dullas or Richmond, Virginia, rent a car, and drive to Charlottesville (about 2 and 1 hours, respectively). Note that additional flights connect Charlottesville with airports at several other cities in the eastern U.S. so you might be able to find more efficient and/or less expensive connections. Lodging (within a 10-minute walk of the University) will be $119 per day on Friday and Saturday and $84 Sunday. Once we know how many people will attend, I will finalize reservations for a block of rooms.

Upon arrival, we request that participants pay a modest fee ($60 for 3-day participants and $40 for 2-day participants) to cover the costs of morning and afternoon coffee and lunches. In addition, I will organize a group dinner on Saturday night at a local restaurant. Each person will be expected to pay his/her portion of the cost (probably about $40 + drinks).

Wendy Mills, my administrative assistant (cc’ed above), will help organize the workshop. If you plan to participate, I request that you send Wendy the following information as soon as possible but no later than 15 August (at which time we must finalize the hotel reservations or lose access to the rooms):

1)      For those traveling from out of town, you arrival and departure dates.

2)      The days you plan to attend the workshop.

3)      Do you wish to join us for dinner on Saturday night?

For those who would like us to arrange accommodations:

4)      Will you be traveling with a nonparticipant spouse/partner who will share your room?

5)      Do you prefer a single room or do you wish to share a room with anther participant?

6)      Do you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room?

7)      Any other relevant preferences

For your interest, the distribution list for this message is as follows:

Collaborators directly involved in the experimental burns:

Jos Lelieveld, Director, MPI, Airchemistry

Rupert Holzinger, Post-Doc, MPI, Airchemistry

Betina Kleiss, Graduate Student, MPI, Airchemistry

Thomas Klnpfel, Engineer, MPI, Airchemistry

Dieter H. Scharffe, Engineer, MPI, Airchemistry

Jonathan Williams, Research Scientist, MPI, Airchemistry

Meinrat O. Andreae, Director, MPI, Biogeochemistry

Pascal Guyon, Graduate Student, MPI, Biogeochemsitry

Christof Jost, Graduate Student, MPI, Biogeochemistry

Olga Mayol-Bracero, Post-Doc, MPI, Biogeochemistry

Detlev Sprung, Graduate Student, MPI, Biogeochemistry

Hans Friedli, Research Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Other collaborators:

Harold Annegarn, Professor, University of Witwatersrand

Paul Desanker, Research Assistant Professor, UVA

Mike Garstang, Professor Emeritus, UVA

Christelle Hely, Post Doc, UVA

Chris Justice, Professor, UMD

Hank Shugart, Professor, UVA

Bob Swap, Research Assistant Professor, UVA

We look forward to seeing you in early November.

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