More of The Flying Bricks

The number of Flying Bricks is continually growing. We do have a very hard time fighting off those numerous applicants who would die to become an active member of our successful team. Sorry fellows, only selected jumpers make it into the top ranks. Don't dispair, though, you always have the option to get your own Flying Bricks number, and the least thing you can do to "be part of it all" is to buy our valuable Bricks Wear®.

However, in some rare occasions, we do accept applicants who search for that higher meaning in life. Here is the remaining list of active and honorable Flying Bricks, who can be proud of carrying their own Flying Bricks number: Turtleboy

Flying Brick #6, also known as "Turtleboy", "Edna" or, on some rare occasions, "Kevin Brookfield". He makes a living as a musician, trying to afford his numerous jumps and is always looking for a chance to show us his aerial stunts, which he appropriately named "back flying" (not to be confused with "sit flying"). As a hobby (besides his regular addiction to skydiving), he tries to keep the pages yellow...

Keith The Flying Brick with the highest number recorded so far (and certainly with the highest age) is Keith Arbogast, our #7. Keith: it is officially recorded in these pages, you don't have to remember it anymore: you are Flying Brick number s e v e n! Now, go play with your "The kids introduction to IRS audits" kit and don't forget to brush your teeth tonight. By the way, did you already get your SOS number?

Peggy Y E S S S, we are proud to announce The Flying Brickette #1. Peggy Nolan is the first female member of our exclusive club. She joined our team to replace unfaithful Flying Brick #4, who snug out of competing against others by escaping on boats for several weeks at a time. Always cheerful, Peggy doesn't want to miss pointing out that she does NOT have a Bricklayer number!

to be continued eventually.....

Brom Productions Ltd. / 28 May 1997